Should you have any concerns or complaints on any content available on SonyLIV, you can write to:

Madhuri Malhotra, Head - Standards and Practices at

We intend to make the resolution process as quick and efficient as possible. To achieve this, your feedback should be comprehensive and include the following:

  1. Details identifying the content (and relevant portion, if applicable)
  2. Your concern/complaint/feedback relating to the content
  3. Any other information which will be relevant to evaluate your concern/complaint/feedback
  4. Your subscription and contact details (including name and Email ID). Please note anonymous and/or pseudo anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

We take your concern seriously and hence we strongly recommend to not make any false or misleading claims. Please note that this provision shall be governed by applicable laws in India.


  1. Receipt of any complaint pursuant to above process will be acknowledged within three (3) working days of receipt of complaint.
  2. Upon review of complaint, if we believe that the notified content does not violate the Code for Self-Regulation of Online Curated Content Providers, we will respond to your complaints accordingly within ten (10) working days of receipt of complaint. If for any reason it appears that more time will be required to evaluate and respond to a given complaint, we will inform you accordingly.
  3. If upon review of complaint we believe that the notified content is in any manner violating the Code, we will respond to you accordingly and take necessary action to address the concern.


Classification Description
U Universal, suitable for all
12+ Suitable for 12 years and over.
This content may contain some scenes which may be considered unsuitable for children under 12 years
15+ Suitable for 15 years and over.
The theme of the content and some scenes/language may be generally unsuitable for children under 15 years
18+ Suitable for 18 years and over.
Content may be potentially disturbing to those under 18 years and is recommended for mature audiences only